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Document Scanning and Digitization

Turn your Paper Mountains into Digital Molehills

Document Scanning and Digitization enables you to move from Information "On" your fingertips to Information "At" your fingertips.

We provide Best Practice Outsourcing Services for Document Scanning and Digitization, enabling your organization to successfully unlock the true value of the information contained in its physical documents, resulting in increased productivity, performance and profits.

Save time by finding documents faster. Save money by reclaiming valuable office space and reducing paper costs. And, save yourself a lot of headaches by handing your project over to a scanning company who can turn your project around quickly and accurately.

Document Scanning


Document scanning is the process of scanning paper documents, converting them to digital images that are then stored on CD, DVD, or other magnetic storage.

Documents can be converted into a variety of formats including PDF, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP etc. They can also be made internet-ready using formats like XML. If you want to be able to search the content of the documents they can be made into readable PDF files, and you will even be able to edit them using OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Document scanning service can greatly reduce storage space that is required for keeping paper copies. The productivity of staff will increase using document scanning service because documents will be more easily located and accessed.

Document scanning service will reduce the headache of photocopy, fax, and mail transport. Document scanning service will give your business a time and money advantage over competitors who do not take up such services.

Document Scanning

What we provide

Our Document Scanning and Digitization solutions increase efficiencies, and reduce costs, permitting clients to invest more of their time and budgets in their core business activities.

We have gained major experience in the document scanning capture domain by working closely with manufacturers, retailers, Telecom and various other Industries.

Our document scanning and data capture services cover the scanning of documents, drawings, microfilms and photographs. We provide bulk document scanning, high volume data capture, OCR and PDF conversion to capture any form of information to electronic format.

We are able to scan documents of all sizes from A2, A3, A4. Blueprints. We can scan documents in color. Before the actual scanning, the Documents are well prepared by checking for staples, paper clips, folded items, and post-it notes. Documents may need to be unfolded, flattened, repaired, taped onto larger sheets., etc.

Document Scanning

Post-Scanning Indexing

Once the scanning has taken place, the new electronic documents will be indexed for easy accessibility. Document Indexing allows you tto quickly retrieve your images and data based on unique identifiers such as document type, customer/barcode number, customer name, or invoice number.

The original documents could be returned to their archives or can be securely destroyed.

Some of the services we provide are:
- Document Scanning and Digitization
- Image/File Name indexing
- Barcode Recognition & indexing
- Bulk Document Scanning
- On-site Document Scanning
- And more ...

Outsource document scanning and indexing to us for a better outsourcing experience. Benefit from better quality data scanning solutions at lesser costs. Be assured of lesser turnarounds and lesser overheads.

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